It is a well-known fact that tree house is loved by every luxury accommodation seeker. It is the best way to get close to the Mother Nature and quite adventurous to live with birds in a house that is built on leafy branches of a tree. The very idea sound interesting and cool. Such houses built on trees are called tree houses and anybody can be swept away by the magical beauty of these tree houses. Through this post I will try to bring into light some of the most stunning and beautiful tree houses all around the world. There is some story related to all these tree houses.

Lohagarh Forest resort

Lohagarh fort resort is one of the tree house Jaipur. This resort is situated in mountainous area.  The tree house here is best combination of luxury and comfort.  The tree house stands on the 300 years old tree. Moreover it is believed that this old tree has the pure aura which can purify the mind and heart of the person who stands close to it. All the basic amenities can be found on this tree house.

Free spirit spheres

The main idea behind this spirit was oneness. Unlike the other houses the floors, walls and ceilings of this house was one continuous space.  They can fit into the forests setting without any change required. They also make use of biomimicry.  The main foundation of this sphere is tree. Further it also very well depicts the connectedness of human to nature. This free spirit is freely hanging in air so it also reduces the possibility of any footprints. The shell of this is so strong that it can withstand any impact. Further the rope from which it is hanged allows it to move freely.

Minister’s tree house

This is in fact the largest tree house in the world. It is situated in town of Crossville and was built by Minister Horace Burgess in 1993. He got idea to build this house after seeing a dream in which God himself said to him that if he builds a tree house he will never fall short of any sort of material.  It took around 14 years to complete this tree house. Around 258,000 were used to build this tree house. This is a ten story tree house standing on six trees.

4tree house

It was designed by Lukasz Kos. He was of the idea to build a tree house which had minimum impact on the trees. With this idea he suspended two ton lattice frame around 20 feet above the floor of forest.  It is situated in Lake Muskoka in Ontario. The travelers can enter this tree house through rolling stairs.

Temple of the blue moon

This is one of the most amazing tree house. It is situated in Pete Nelson’s Tree house Point in Issaquah. However there are many tree house lodgings available there and this is just one among them.  It was built by Wash Nelson who was a very famous tree house builder. This provides a unique gateway to the visitors to connect with the nature.  This tree house is built on a 300 year old Sitka Spruce.

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Why I started this blog? Because I love to travel. Hi all I am Jamie and this is my 8th blog site. I am from Vermont USA and right now I am in India for 6 months. My plan is to explore this beautiful nation and especially the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan.

Why I choose Jaipur? To tell you the truth I have deep history with the city and some of my hotelier friends really forced to visit the city again. I first visited Jaipur in 2009 and met Mr Singh, owner of a taxi company in Jaipur. We guys explored all the amazing destination like Jal Mahal, City Palace,Amer fort and my favorite shopping destination in Jaipur – MI Road.

Along with Jaipur I also plan to visit the neighboring city of Kukas which is now considered a part if Jaipur metropolitan. Things really have changes in 5 years. So this time I have planned to stay in Jaipur for a complete month (April) and have also been welcomed by Mr Singh from Lohagarh Fort Resort. So will definitely share their success story. They operate a luxury tree house resort in Jaipur and have recently won the best theme resort of Rajasthan 2013 from a popular local newspaper.

Apart from this I will all my favorite shopping destinations in Jaipur. I recently met Mr Chhabra and he runs an online Shopping guide, I helped him in setting his 1st online directory on Jaipur jeweler and local cuisine. o we both will be exploring Jaipur for cool handicrafts by 2nd week of April.

BG 4 - Jal Mahal

Nice picture. I took it at Amer Road. I have landed in the city and right now I am at Lohagarh Fort Resort in Jaipur. Will sgare the story on daily basis. So till than keep reading.

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