Top 5 Top 5 romantic getaways for couples

True love is something which is as pure as water from a white waterfalls. Many have tried to stopped true love but not have been successful as even god loves to flourish the real meaning on love on this planet Earth. So today I decided to post a content on some of the best romantic getaways for couples

Kauai, Hawaii

It’s the oldest of Hawaii’s eight main islands — and arguably the most dramatic, with scenery that ranges from wind-eroded mountains and red-walled canyons to primeval rainforest and photo-ready waterfalls. Share a succession of small plates (slow-braised short ribs; honeycomb with goat cheese) at the laid-back, open-air Bar Acuda in Hanalei. A six-hour hike with Chuck Blay of Kauai Nature Tours; you’ll learn the myths of every fruit and flower along the way.


Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

Boracay, Philippines

Once a backpacking haven with only the most basic accommodations, this 5-mile-long island now rivals better-known Asian destinations such as Phuket and Koh Samui, Thailand. A 45-minute flight from Manila brings you to either Kalibo or Caticlan, where boats connect directly to White Beach, whose powdery sand may just be the softest in the world. A short tuk-tuk ride from the southern end of White Beach, Mandala Spa & Villas feels like a true retreat, with daily yoga classes and massages included in room rates, along with all the mangoes you can eat. The cliffside Pool Villa has the best vantage point over the Sulu Sea. Feast on Mediterranean mezes at Kasbah (Station One, White Beach), where pillow-strewn sofas evoke North Africa on the sand. Mandala Spa & Villas’ Hilot Trilogy, which incorporates an ancient Filipino form of massage.

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Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kumarakom

There is no dearth of health resorts in Kerala but Kumarakom Lake Resort happens to be one of the best. Situated in the heart of lush, unforgettable greenery, the views alone can calm and invigorate tired bodies and mind. Enjoy stunning sights of the backwaters and get pampered to the hilt by the staff. Being a very popular tourist destination, the resort is renowned for its Ayurveda-based spa facilities and a host of indoor and outdoor entertainment and recreational activities. The God’s own country is certainly one of the best romantic vacation getaways. Feel close to Nature and sail away in a house boat for an unforgettable experience. One can feast on some of the best South Indian cuisines and dance away the night on favorite tunes. You can explore and enjoy the thrilling adventurous getaways or enjoy a peaceful escape on a riverside

The Oberoi Cecil, Shimla

Did you know that this resort nestled somewhere in Chaura Maidan in Shimla is over a 100 years old? Besides taking in the grandeur of the bygone eras, visitors, who come from across the globe to the Oberoi Cecil, get enchanted by the beauty of the snow-clad Himalayan Mountains that beautify the resort even further. Being a heritage resort, the property is opulently bedecked and ideal for big families with several facilities to choose from.

The Oberoi Cecil, Shimla

The Oberoi Cecil, Shimla

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The Oberoi Vanyavilasin Rajasthan

If you’re specifically seeking an adventure-soaked holiday, head straight to The Oberoi Vanya Vilas in Rajasthan. Located a few kilometers away from the Ranthambore National Park and Tiger Reserve, this resort is a leading luxury jungle stopover to enjoy glorious views of the majestic tiger. Guests can enjoy luxury tents, private gardens and a range of other world class facilities and services. Vanya Vilas is surely the ultimate in jungle vacation.

Why an addicted traveller must visit South Delhi

This is a guest post by Mr Akshat, who is the General Manager of Hotel GTC, South Delhi. Dear readers, every city in the world, especially a travel destination has some old part or a shopping favourite region or sometimes a bad neighbourhood in their city. Similarly New Delhi, capital of Republic of India also has a special region where you will note huge bungalows, luxury cars, awesome shopping malls and some 2000 year old historical monuments which traveller love to visit. I am talking about the Southern part of New Delhi, also referred as “South Delhi”

This post is written by one of my good friend Akshat who in an expert in the field of New Delhi tourism and he will reveal that Why an addicted traveller must visit South Delhi. Over to Akshat now.

Hi friends, I am Akshat and Jamie has also introduced me so I won’t waste your time and will straight come to the heading of this post. New Delhi is not just the capital of India but its a heritage city where you will find locals praying monkeys & cows and on the other had you have super luxury hotels & resorts, some of the most expensive shopping malls and restaurants which will rob you if you are one of those who don’t care what’s the price mentioned for a meal for two. So New Delhi, my friends is a place which you can call as a reflection of Human civilization.

As I operate a a hotel in South Delhi so I will only share the tourist destinations of this part of the city.

At Number 1- Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple

Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh you all are welcome to a Lotus shaped temple situated in the Southern part of Delhi. The temple opens its door for all human beings fron any faith, creed or culture. The architecture of this temple is marvalous and it will be a foolish mistake if you skip to see this amazing jewel of New Delhi.

At Number 2- The Embassy area



In India, the political economists follow the teachings of a priest who was born in present Patna and taught Political Science in present Afghanistan. I am talking about the great “Chankya”. His teachings of political life is so important that the Indian Central Government has names a street in Delhi as Chanakyapuri and almost 80% of foreign embassies offices are situated here,

This particular read is simply amazing as it is one of the greenest, cleanest street in Deihi. Just have a look at the below image.

At Number 3- Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash

A property of 400 sq yard in Greater Kailash, South Delhi is at around 2 million $. Greater Kailash is on of the most expensive destination in Delhi and as I have worked with some of the finest budget hotels in Greater kailash or GK 2, I can tell you that you will find some of the most expensive hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, even schools. The best hotel here will be the Eros Hotel and our’s Hotel GTC. Eros is the oldest hotel in South Delhi and when is comes to budget accommodation, Hotel GTC is one of the finest hotels in South Delhi too. Have a look at my about us page – The best shopping mall will be the Select City Walk and the best school in this location with be Delhi Public School. So do explore Greater Kailash on your next Delhi trip.

At Number 4- Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden

Prepared by an Islamic ruler and currently a popular destination for locals, Lodhi garden is a place to explore. I personally go here for an evening walk and the monuments built in the center of the park is something which attract many tourists to visit this park. Entry in the Lodhi Garden is free and do come in your walking shoes as you have to walk a lot.

At Number 5- Ansal Plaza

Ansal place Shopping Mall

Ansal place Shopping Mall

Thi is a popular Shopping all, situated in Andrew Ganj, South Delhi and is also considered as the 1st Shopping Mall of New Delhi. It started in 1999 and its one of many popular Shopping Malls of Delhi. Whenever a new movie is being released, Bollywood would come and seek for PR via Ansal Plaza and the audience in this mall are some of the richest individuals of Delhi. So do mark your presence in Ansal Plaza on your Delhi trip.

At Number 6- Nehru Palace Market


This is Asia’s biggest computer parts market and attract 1000′s of business travellers every day from all over the Asia. I have personally bought all the tech related instruments for my Hotel from this market. Why a traveller should visit this market? Every backpacker has a lap top and the deals you can get from here are amazing. So do visit it. Apart from these destinations kindly have a look at our photographic blog on places to visit in delhi.

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An expert view on the best tree house resort in the world

It is a well-known fact that tree house is loved by every luxury accommodation seeker. It is the best way to get close to the Mother Nature and quite adventurous to live with birds in a house that is built on leafy branches of a tree. The very idea sound interesting and cool. Such houses built on trees are called tree houses and anybody can be swept away by the magical beauty of these tree houses. Through this post I will try to bring into light some of the most stunning and beautiful tree houses all around the world. There is some story related to all these tree houses.

Lohagarh Forest resort

Lohagarh fort resort is one of the tree house Jaipur. This resort is situated in mountainous area.  The tree house here is best combination of luxury and comfort.  The tree house stands on the 300 years old tree. Moreover it is believed that this old tree has the pure aura which can purify the mind and heart of the person who stands close to it. All the basic amenities can be found on this tree house.

Free spirit spheres

The main idea behind this spirit was oneness. Unlike the other houses the floors, walls and ceilings of this house was one continuous space.  They can fit into the forests setting without any change required. They also make use of biomimicry.  The main foundation of this sphere is tree. Further it also very well depicts the connectedness of human to nature. This free spirit is freely hanging in air so it also reduces the possibility of any footprints. The shell of this is so strong that it can withstand any impact. Further the rope from which it is hanged allows it to move freely.

Minister’s tree house

This is in fact the largest tree house in the world. It is situated in town of Crossville and was built by Minister Horace Burgess in 1993. He got idea to build this house after seeing a dream in which God himself said to him that if he builds a tree house he will never fall short of any sort of material.  It took around 14 years to complete this tree house. Around 258,000 were used to build this tree house. This is a ten story tree house standing on six trees.

4tree house

It was designed by Lukasz Kos. He was of the idea to build a tree house which had minimum impact on the trees. With this idea he suspended two ton lattice frame around 20 feet above the floor of forest.  It is situated in Lake Muskoka in Ontario. The travelers can enter this tree house through rolling stairs.

Temple of the blue moon

This is one of the most amazing tree house. It is situated in Pete Nelson’s Tree house Point in Issaquah. However there are many tree house lodgings available there and this is just one among them.  It was built by Wash Nelson who was a very famous tree house builder. This provides a unique gateway to the visitors to connect with the nature.  This tree house is built on a 300 year old Sitka Spruce.

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Top 3 budget accommodation in Golden Triangle

We remain busy in our life and do not have time to visit different places living in our own country. Sometimes we plan but it gets ruined due to the busy schedule or some other problems. In today’s world we have given more priority to make money in respect to visit and explore more and better places available around us. The country like India which has diverse culture and living style. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur etc. these cities have most beautiful moments like red fort, Taj Mahal one of the seven wonder of the world and Hawa Mahal respectively. We do not plan our holidays regularly, it is done sometimes or once in a year or two. So we think to visit such a place which has all the features to relax and chill out in affordable budgets.

Golden triangle Jaipur

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My trip to jaipur in 2013

Why I started this blog? Because I love to travel. Hi all I am Jamie and this is my 8th blog site. I am from Vermont USA and right now I am in India for 6 months. My plan is to explore this beautiful nation and especially the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. Read More →