8 Jun

Why you should visit Ranakpur Jain Temple in Rajasthan

Well I am not religious but if you are in Rajasthan or even India many tourist visit Hindu or Jain Temples and they count them as tourist destination. For example Pushkar Camel Fair is a religious ceremony but for all the traveler from Europe and North America is a popular event which they must explore once in their life time, and […]

8 May

The top 25 hotels in India which you must visit

Tripadvisor presents a list of top 25 in every accommodation category like luxury hotels, places to see, small hotels etc. These hotels and resorts are those which users have shown their love by sharing a review about their stay. So today at vermontmountainbikefestival.com we are sharing a list of top 25 hotels which has been awarded as […]

8 Mar

Best places to visit India during monsoon

Well if you ask me then there is no season to visit India. You can visit India at any season. But still as India is famous for its monsoon seasons and I have personally noticed that many tourists visits Indian subcontinent during moonsoon, so I deciided to share this blog on Best places to visit India during monsoon […]

8 Jan

My Favorite desert city in India

Jaisalmer is a beautiful city which has history, tradition and tales on war& love and personally believe that this is a perfect mixture to start camps in jaisalmer sand dune. Last year we went to Jaisalmer to meet our friend Mr Singh who is the owner of 2 desert camps in Jaisalmer and Pushkar. Well […]

8 Dec

Some Amazing Facts About New Delhi

The capital city and the main airport hub of India is New Delhi. The city holds all three arms of the government, the legislative, judiciary, and executive government, thus, the city is also the seat of government located in the National Capital Region of India. Founded in 1911 by George V, who used to be […]

8 Oct

Why you should visit Jaisalmer in coming holiday season

Jaisalmer is a popular tourist city in India which is famous for its desert adventure activities, desert camp resorts and some century old tourist destinations. In this post we will try to cover all the above mentioned destination which will answer my question that Why you should visit Jaisalmer in coming holiday season? 1. Desert Adventure Activities […]

8 Aug

Top 5 romantic getaways for couples

True love is something which is as pure as water from a white waterfalls. Many have tried to stopped true love but not have been successful as even god loves to flourish the real meaning on love on this planet Earth. So today I decided to post a content on some of the best romantic getaways […]

8 Jul

Why an addicted traveller must visit South Delhi

This is a guest post by Mr Akshat, who is the General Manager of Hotel GTC, South Delhi. Dear readers, every city in the world, especially a travel destination has some old part or a shopping favourite region or sometimes a bad neighbourhood in their city. Similarly New Delhi, capital of Republic of India also has […]